Smart Cloud solutions built for the efficient accomplishment of the tasks. Better features, Better Solutions with 100% SaaS platform.

Users trust AvePoint to manage, secure, and migrate the cloud investment

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When it comes to SaaS platforms, you must get the best. We offer a 100% SaaS platform with a wide range of facilities. AvePoint, being a highly scalable and secured SaaS platform helps to bring ease and convenience while performing the tasks. Now, migrate, manage and protect data with ease.


Top-Notch Service

The finest service with high scalability, precision, and the best performance


State-of-the-art solutions

Regular updates about recent software maintenance and releases are available. Find the up-tothe-minute innovative solutions.


Advanced Security Protocol

Our flexible yet strong security protocols include API extensibility and superb integration

Efficient Software Solution

Get rid of the hassles of maintenance, infrastructure, configuration, and so on with special Azure-hosted software solution. Let your IT team relax a while.

Enhanced Security

Get the flexibility and advanced security that you require to mitigate your business needs. Get Advanced SEIM System that provides updated Security and Event Management Systems Integration.

Cloud Back up

The efficient backup with flexible capacity options keeps the services secured and restorable all the time. It helps in storage optimization for businesses. You can archive, retain or delete data anytime.

Cloud Insights

You can track the activity, content, site usage, efficiency of the contents, and also you can see which content is most active per site or through the dashboards or deployment.

Cloud Management

Ranging from checking the insights, automate control of security, to customized reports, you can get everything under cloud management service.

Cloud Records

You can manage both Microsoft 365 content and physical content. You will find various classification schemes, flexible retention programs, and a wide range of disposal rules.

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