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Effective Seven Tips to Increase E-Commerce Sales With Facebook Ads

goigi_blog July 4, 2017 No Comments

Every business owner wants to increase their sales. In fact, that is the very essence of a business. If a business is unable to generate revenue then there is hardly any purpose of having that business in the first place.  You get an awesome opportunity to do just that through Facebook advertising. Though this process is often based on trial and error and you will have to go through some failed experiments but once you find an ad that actually works and converts customers it will cover the cost of any failure that you might have faced. This one good ad that balances profitably is worth all the trial and errors.

Facebook ads can be used at every stage of the e-commerce sales channel and are not only helpful for bringing highly targeted customers to your site. You can follow the ways people connect with your brand with the Facebook pixel and based on that you can send them exclusive ads based on which stage of your funnel they are currently in. But you cannot expect huge results from the very beginning as a first-time visitor conversion rates are pretty less, for example, it can be two percent or even less. In online marketing services, there are some definite ways in which you can use Facebook ads to augment your sales considerably. Additionally, if you are not remarketing to visitors who actually engage with your brands then it can be fairly said that you are leaving your money on the table.

  1. Firstly, identify and locate your niche fanatics: People more often than not use Facebook to connect with their friends and family and hardly for making purchases. Therefore, it is important to put up your product in such a way that it grabs the attention of a fanatical and laser-targeted audience in order for it to make a resounding boom. This is a part of SMM services that can really work wonders for your business. It is much harder to consistently drive conversions at a profit if you think of trying to target a mildly interested audience with Facebook ads. Hence if you are selling something like mustache and beard care products then it is of no use to target the women and you can very well exclude them from your target audience. You can add a geographic region to your targeting if you primarily sell your services to local businesses. But on the other hand, if you are selling a niche product, then it becomes crucial to experiment with the “interests” field. If your interest is too broad, the pages and the categories won’t really make an impact on your audience as it will not co-relate with the initial interest. But if you select a narrower field of interest then you will definitely find that the pages and the categories all are relevant to this interest. For example, take the case of “exercise” which falls in the category of broad interest, whereas “Aerobics exercise” is far more targeted and narrow. Therefore, it is evident that it will be possible for you to create an audience who can turn into prospective customers by combining all the narrow interests which actually are relevant to your niche.
  2. On product page visitors, use remarketing strategies: It is a common phenomenon that when a person first visit your website or arrive on your site, they will most probably not purchase anything at all. Very few people do that so don’t count on first time visitors to increase your sell by purchasing your products. Even if your Facebook ad is superb and one of its kind and are crafted to get the attention of your target audience people hardly buy the products on their first visit. In online marketing services, this is a common thing and that’s okay. You know they have some interest in your product and that is why they have visited your product page. Hence just for people who have viewed your product page you can very well go ahead and create a custom audience. Additionally, you can exclude your audience of customers when you create a custom audience of people who have viewed your product page which basically means that you will be mostly targeting people who have viewed your products but did not buy anything yet.  This is a good way to start though it can get more complicated when you are attempting to do remarketing for a number of products. You can also give your audiences of product page a custom ad offering some amount of discount for a limited period, which can be great for your rate of conversion. People generally get paid at the beginning of the month and therefore this is a great time to remarket the ads. If your target customers are younger and have less disposable income then this can be a good tactic.
  3. Revive discarded carts: In SMM services it is possible to specifically target people who have visited your product page, might have added some products to the cart but then have abandoned it and have checked out without completing the purchasing This is taking remarketing a step further. Thus reviving discarded or abandoned carts can be highly profitable. You can go for hard sell because people only need a small push in order to complete their purchase. The best possible way to go about it is to remind them that they have items in their wish list or basket, provide a picture of the item, and also add links to the product so that it is possible for the customers to complete their orders in an easy way. Then to persuade them further you can also include a discount offer to make the visitors convert into buyers. You can expect a lower CPA or Cost per Acquisition when targeting your abandoned cart users.
  4. Upsell to your customers: To sell additional products to existing customers by segmenting your email list is a smart idea. In Facebook advertising also the same principle applies. Don’t be afraid to go directly to someone who has purchased from you multiple times. This means that this customer already has faith in you and trusts you, not to mention that he or she has a favorable opinion about your brand. So this should be an easy sell for you. For these kinds of campaigns, you usually can get an amazing return for your ad expenditures. For a product launch, the established business owners should definitely consider this tactic for a product launch.
  5. Create Brand Advocates: Facebook ads have the power of encouraging customers to make repeat purchases. In addition, it can also encourage the converted customers to spread awareness of your brand and convince their friends and families to become customers. Using Facebook ads it is easy to promote referral programs. Often people are lazy and they won’t even care to open and check their email which has details about your referral program but these same people will be much more interested if they see a vibrant ad with interesting images pops up in their Facebook news feed. Online marketing services thrive on such advertising strategies. Also, you might want to give out a discount to your existing customers in return for a video review of your products and services. These reviews can act as social proofs that help customers feel a greater connection and solidarity with you and your brand. Therefore, Facebook ads are an outstanding tool for turning your customers into your brand advocates also.
  6. Integrate Content marketing and Facebook ads: Facebook ads and content marketing can be a powerful tool when combined together and executed correctly. Using Facebook ads promote the specific contents that have been created for every stage in your sales funnel to your specific audiences.
  7. Use Lookalike Audiences: If you have a list of thousand customers it is definitely better than having a list of hundred customers in SMM services. This will allow you to create lookalike audiences consisting of people who resemble your buyers on Facebook. It will be more possible to create lookalike audience if you have an accurate data of your original audience. Larger audiences have more variance than small look-alike audiences who share the most similarities with your customers. This is the main reason why you should ensure that brand advocated are included in your seed audience to ensure that you get repeat customers. It is your content that your look-alike audience should have access to first if your content has proven to generate interests. After you have achieved this try to remarket to send the audience to your product page.
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