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How To Protect WordPress Sites

goigi_blog July 25, 2014 No Comments

Matters of security is a great concern in WordPress. Very serious security issues may arise if proper protective measures are not adopted. Being software with an open source, WordPress is often reported to be easily accessible to evil-eyed individuals. If you have to stay in your business with untouched reputation then it is gravely essential to think upon its security matters. Security natters should be strictly discussed with experts possessing sufficient knowledge about computer or WordPress security. Availability, integrity and privacy is one of the sole tasks of a secure server. Select a trusted web host which will be efficient in discussing your security concerns and solving them. Versions of WordPress which are old should be replaced as they are not provided security maintenance.

Firstly, keeping the files updated is a very solemn aspect as without updating them you will never come to know about the malicious attacks it has already come across. Secondly, it is always safe to eliminate any existing old themes or plugins because such areas are always prone to risks in matter of security. Thirdly, it is important to protect the lists in directories as in case the lists are visible to all there will be serious risk of attack. WordPress sites contain their lifeline in the form of database user name and password. Protection of   ‘wp-config.php’ file is must. Fourthly, if you have to prevent unknown IP s  from guessing passwords then you should create a white list of known IP s. There are many websites which can give you your actual IP. You can double the protection levels of ‘wp-login.php’ by creating the same white list for the Wp-admin folder inside the directory of Word Press. Files which can be executed are harmful so they should be blocked. The public domain always contains the solving details of security issues in WordPress so the older versions should be replaced. If you find a bug it should be reported as one might lead to another. The network of the client and the server of WordPress are the only two trustworthy areas. Firewall rules should be updated regularly and should be conscious about the network from which you are working. WordPress is equipped with password strength meter which will strengthen the security concerns with more clarity.

The least important task in your to do list is securing your website but security issues should be the supreme work at hand. The tips mentioned above are fully relevant as they are sure to enrich your security level to the highest priority. Most hackers target the weakest sites so in order to come out of that these methods are very important. If you have been suffering from more than one hacking attempt then you need to consult an expert. Too many stern measures are not generally necessary just if you follow a very few security steps then money for site rebuilding and the huge headaches can be saved.

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