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Key Aspects Signifying How Voice Search will Influence SEO in 2018

goigi_blog November 1, 2017 No Comments

Voice search is fast emerging as an inevitable option for people which is convenient and let people search on-the-go. Moreover, with the improvisation of various voice search technologies including Siri, Google Now and Cortana, it is becoming more reliable as well. While considering this evolving trend of the search pattern, futuristic marketers have started tailoring effective SEO techniques for voice search by now.

Following here we would like to discuss on some of the most significant tips to know for coping with this advanced swift and shape the future of SEO.

Inclusion of a FAQ Page

Adding a FAQ page on your website is certainly essential to address various sorts of common questions of the target audience. Online searches are generally classified into three types including:

Informational : A query being raised by a user while requesting for particular information.

Navigational : A query raised by a user while navigating through a particular website.

Transactional : A query which leads to different types of specific actions like completing an online payment or while ticket booking.

By addressing the FAQs related to these three types of queries, you will be able to provide users with precise information who are searching via a voice search app or PC.

Incorporation of Longtail Keywords

Voice searches are generally centered around natural language for which the queries which are posed to search engines are mostly longer compared to type search. Thus, every other eminent SEO service provider is looking for ways to optimise the websites via the inclusion of longtail keywords.

More Emphasis on Mobile

Needless to say that; with the upsurge of voice search, use of mobile devices are increasing as well. More than half of the search queries are made by using mobiles and thus, marketers are mostly focussing on the voice search to boost their online visibility. Smart marketers and digital strategists have understood it by now that most of the voice searches are made by people on-the-go via smartphones. Thus, we need to optimise the content for mobile devices to ensure that they appear at a higher rank in the result of voice searches. Following here are some of the things to consider while auditing your mobile site.

Keeping all the resources crawlable: Verify that the mobile site does not block JavaScript, CSS, images and videos.

Optimising load time: 40% of the mobile searchers will not prefer to wait for more than 3 seconds to open the website. Thus, image compression is the most beneficial way to improve its loading speed and mobile user experience.

Avoiding Flash: Flash is generally not supported by most of the mobile browsers. Thus, to ensure that Google can access all the contents of your website, it is advisable to avoid using flash on the mobile pages.

Inclusion of Conversational Content

Voice search is indeed one of the prime evolutions which, has made our lives easier. Expectantly, Voice SEO will also evolve and adhering the same, here we have listed down some of the significant Google ranking factors.

● Quality Content

● Well-written and engaging meta tags

● Genuine links from popular websites

● Regular updates

● Social media marketing

● Influencer marketing

● Press relations

It is imperative for businesses to comprehend the conversational speech pattern of customers. You can find phrases like “Hello Google! Well, I am looking for an app that can help me to set reminders for important dates and tasks”. Thus, emphasising on these sort of phrases will help you to develop a copy that will speak your users’ language.


It has been observed that a substantial part of the total amount of voice searches are location-focussed compared to typed queries. Thus, you need to set your website tactfully while focussing on the local searches if you want to run your local business successfully. Some of the key points which are being considered by a proficient SEO service provider are:

Google My Business Page: Register your business with Google My Business and ensure that all the details are up-to-date. Furthermore, you need to enlist a relevant unique business description, upload captivating photos and choose the right categories.

Reviews: Online reviews have become a significant parameter that influences the ranking of a business in Google’s local pack. Thus, it would be highly propitious for you to ask your customers to share positive reviews. Moreover, while adhering the implications of reputation management, you must respond to the negative customer reviews as well.

Schema Markup: By utilising microdata, you will be able to boost the local ranking of your website especially for non-branded keywords.

Photos: The number of photos posted on the business page certainly influences your Google rankings and thus, it is important to have an eye on them as well.


Voice search has achieved wide popularity by now is certainly more convenient and easy as compared to the typed-out searches. Because of such wide recognition, the marketers must evaluate that how it will influence the SEO standpoint. Thus, while researching the impact of voice search on the SERPs, you will be surely able to stay ahead in the race and provide users with relevant content.

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