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Reap Windfall Gains Digitally using App Store Optimization

goigi_blog June 29, 2018 No Comments

In the expansive realm of major App stores, it is definitely a daunting challenge on the part of App publishers to help their Apps get discovered by their potential user base. Conventional App store search to track down new Apps in a way can be thus defined as searching a needle in a haystack!

Statistical Response

A survey portrays 75% of App downloads are results of organic search. Over half the population searches with brand name whereas the rest one third downloads via generic search. Recent statistics manifest 80% of the times a user searches with a keyword, he is sure to zero down upon the Apps flaunting first 10 positions in Google Play and App stores.

The Deciding Factors

Certain significant elements classify the digital domain which majorly influences the optimization and positioning. This comprises the level of competition, growing user inclination towards a specific subject as well as optimization. Although the first two is completely driven by factors beyond speculation, thus impossible to work upon, the third offers the perfect opportunity for one to capitalize on.

This calls for an action on the part of a Digital Marketing Company which is ought to ensure the App store page is optimized in a way that can lead to maximum downloads, saving the App from losing potential audience.

Unraveling  ASO

The entire process of enhancing the visibility of Apps is referred to as App Store Optimization (ASO). Being instrumental in motivating free organic downloads by users searching with specific keywords or simply browsing the App store, ASO serves businesses with a stipulated budget for user acquisition through digital marketing. In fact ASO serves in converting loyal users considering the fact that without any advertising campaigns it manages to strategically boost lead generation.

Functional Aspects of Apps

Bearing resemblance with supermarkets, App stores feature myriad mobile applications under diverse categories. Ranging from basics like switching on the flash light, edit images, count calories to high end solutions like online shopping, meal delivery, games, booking vacations, etc., the App store offers the key to our speckled needs in this era of defined by evolution of feature rich smartphones.

According to effort pumped into optimizing ranks, much like the usual SEO techniques, an App is likely to be viewed more. Thus, relevant keyword based strategizing ensure an increase in organic downloads, broadening the prospects of multiplying conversion rate without investing much in conventional marketing.

For those in need of a Viable Marketing Strategy…..

At the present juncture App stores are thronged by over 2 million Apps, with thousands of App being added with every passing day. So, it becomes essential for every budding entrepreneur on the block to adhere to a regular scheme of digitally optimizing your App’s ranking using services of an experienced and trusted Digital Marketing Company.

Therefore, step into the customer’s shoes to understand user behavior. Entrust your SEO experts with the responsibility to conduct an expansive research based on the data and science behind app store ranking alogorithms in order to deploy time tested SEO strategies.

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