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The 3 Predictions About The Future of SEO

goigi_blog June 30, 2017 No Comments

Any serious digital marketing strategy is quite incomplete without search engine optimization or SEO which is no longer considered as internet black magic, but an essential part of a growing industry which is constantly changing. Nowadays major business houses invest a lump sum amount of money for availing SEO services and that number is projected to climb to over $70 billion by 2018.

As an industry SEO has come a long way and from what can be seen, the best days are yet to come.  In the world of search engine optimization, the hardest thing is predicting what is going to come next. Those of us who are on the field shouldn’t just wait around to react as the major engines continue to refine and update their SERP displays and algorithms. Those of us who are in this dynamic field should look at past trends for guidance and be proactive about it. With this in mind, we, who are in the professional SEO services, should take some time out to look at the three predictions about the future of the SEO industry.

  1. A larger role will be played by the UX

SEO was mainly seen as a task for the IT team in the past. It was considered as more of a technical role rather than a creative position. But at its core, it’s an art form though SEO has many technical elements to it. Today’s SEO professionals need to understand how people interrelate with the web and not only need to have a technical perceptive of how to optimize diverse types of content for search engines and websites. But knowing is not the entire battle won. It is actually just half the battle. The actual work will be complete once you understand how this information can be practically applied, and this is what which will determine the winners from the losers.

As Google is obsessed with the user so should you be, too. User experience (UX) is going to play a larger role in search as search results become more and more tailored and customized. If your content is not good enough to engage your users, you can be sure that you will lose out, and it won’t matter how great your information has been on the topic.

It is, therefore, better to invest time in knowing your users inside and out which would help you to better position your site. The next part is the content. To help and engage your users it is important to create content that is not only informative but also useful and precise. Nobody likes to read an essay but would rather prefer having the information they are looking for written in an efficient and functional way. Free analytics tools that learn and track what your users are doing can help you in this particular task.

You are not alone if you’re not currently tracking your online marketing efforts, but that does not make a good excuse and that would still mean that there is every chance that you will fall behind in the competition. It is surprising that there are a good percentage of marketers who still don’t officially assess their analytics for accuracy and quality or, even shoddier is that they don’t know if they do or not. There is a percentage of small businesses who acknowledge to not tracking anything at all, while less than thirty percent of small businesses use call tracking, website analytics, or coupon codes for the purpose.

But then it does not mean that since others are not taking it seriously, you also should be laid-back about it.  To get you started, there are free tools like Search Console and Google Analytics which have adequate information that will be useful to you. You just have to concentrate and find out what content is working and what the reason behind it is and then work on the same to create more of that.

Professional SEO services comprise of understanding what the users want as they interact with a particular brand online, and produce a distinctive experience for them.

  1. One of the ranking factors is AMP:

Google operated from a single index of documents traditionally, when pulling search queries, but now we live in a world which is divided. With mobile becoming the primary index today, it’s in the course of creating two indexes, one for desktop and obviously one for mobile. The way we interact, search, and buy as we’ve moved into a mobile-first world, has changed thoroughly. Google wasn’t going to wait around as mobile has become our dominant device. Of overall search query volume, mobile search has become more dominant and is taking over desktop and laptop searches.

But users also want speed and not just want something that looks nice on mobile devices. A fairly large percentage of people will leave a site that fails to load in three seconds or less as per Google’s own research. Thus, it is the main reason as to why Google and others have been approaching the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project more.

AMP is not a ranking signal, as far as we know at this point but that doesn’t mean it has no force or impact on your website or search performance. In mobile search results, AMP content is featured prominently and that too often above the organic listings. It is only logical to make mobile page speed the priority if all the users are leaving slow-loading sites on mobile devices, even if you already have the top organic spot.

Before you implement AMP if you wait for it to be an official ranking signal you can be sure that you’ll be too far behind to benefit from it when that happens. So for your content start building AMP pages now.

  1. AI will run search

The search world lost their minds more or less when Google announced their RankBrain. We who are into professional SEO services still don’t know much about RankBrain, apart from the fact that it is among Google’s top three search ranking factors. AI is a great thing for search if looked at closely. Over time, the results will get more and more accurate as the machines understand the content and learn patterns. Another factor that is great about the industry as a whole is that AI will kill black-hat SEO.

Therefore, to prepare yourself for the modern age of the machine, it is important to do the work, the right way. We are still quite far away from that day though RankBrain or some other new AI technology will sooner or later run search 100 percent. Creating content that’s both informative and is able to engage the users is the first step of doing a better job. All of us who are in the professional SEO services have to think about segments in a whole new way as AI will make search more personal than ever. While these three predictions will no doubt become reality, their importance cannot be denied even today.

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