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The Battle for Traffic: Organic SEO vs. Social Media Marketing

goigi_blog July 3, 2017 No Comments

There is an ongoing argument about the fact whether SEO or SMM is better for making a business visible. Online marketing actually paves a great road for a site or a blog to be visible to customers. The experts of professional SEO services make use of particular method or techniques to promote the web traffic. It generally works on search engines, that increases the chance of getting visible and promoting the business in the correct fashion. It will indeed increase the ability of the site to get reflected on the first page in an organic search result. SEO generally focuses on building appropriate links and the traffic that one gets is indeed organic.

SMM services, on the other hand, is actually focused on creating content that generally catches the attention of the customers and encourages the readers to mention or share the page in their own social media platforms. It can be referred as a method of gaining website attention, through the assistance of various social media channels. Here are some of the points that reflect the importance of both the platforms in their own ways.

 Social media signals are not capable of influencing site rankings and SEO is not effective as well:

It is generally noticed that people look for business in various search engines, as it is the easiest way to search the correct job that an individual needs. SMM and SEO are both inter-wined factors that indeed deliver more or less same result to the customers. Every individual who is in search of the same wants to take advantage from both sides. The two most important points that are generally noticed are: (i) social media signals actually do not influence site rankings (ii) SEO is not effective without harnessing social media channels.

A blog that focuses on targeting SMM strategies gets a better result in organic search than that of the ones focusing on SEO. The high levels of engagement that SMM blog generally receives from various social media platforms, allow them to achieve traffic and more referral links, which in place assists them in ranking organically.

SEO is generally for people who are in search of products and services; social media is for peer recommendations:

As it is clearly noticed, that a common man generally makes a search in the local search engines to get an answer for oneself. Whereas, if a business owner wants to get the designed website for the business, then the targeted keywords should rank well in the search engine procedure.

On the other hand, one of the benefits of social media is that peer recommendations can gradually happen, when individual likes a designed page for the business, mentions the same on Twitter or various other social pages or at times when one tags the branded name of the company. When an individual carries out this kind of actions, their connections may also get a chance to view the activities done by them, and in the process, the name of a branded business may come up. In this way, a business may gain popularity and success within a short span of time. In such situations, SMM services can be indeed considered as beneficial and fruitful for a business.

However, it is recommended to use both the techniques and methods that will assist a business to reach the goal easily.

Social media is not only different from SEO but at times opposite as well

 The statement “social media is not different from SEO but opposite as well” is a clear and justified statement. Social media appeals to people, whereas Search engine optimization generally makes an appeal to a robot. The speed, measurement, content and the reach of both the mediums are different in both the systems.

When an individual gets concerned about speed, social media can be considered as a real time factor as the posts made at the sites, appears instantly, whereas SEO takes a lot of time, may be years to build credibility. The experts of professional SEO services are also sure about the same and they make enough effort to make the process involved in SEO easier so that the result can come up a bit faster.

The genuine visitors from the social media marketing group have less or no tendency to make a purchase of the product that one is viewing. It may be simply that he/she is browsing through the product. They will indeed share the awareness and make the brand name popular by discussing with one’s friends, colleagues, and relatives. Social fans and followers generally influence potential buyers. Visitors from Search Engine are more likely to buy but are less likely to share and interact. The visitors generally enter the same with a specific purpose, question or need. With the assistance of digital marketing services, it has become easy to portray the service and the products of a business easily and make the products come in reach of the customers.

When there comes the question of effort, social media marketing generally involves various actions that are indeed short-lived. Generally, the maximum visibility happens within minutes, so actions taken up by such SMM services platform needs continuous effort. Whereas, search engine tasks have a longer impact, generating ongoing potential and passive source of visitors for the business for which it is working.

Measuring activity cannot be easy for both the fields and segments. It generally depends on the traffic a site or a platform gets. There are various platforms available and they have their own report. For search engines, it may be easier to take a measure but for other platforms, it is not that easy. Professional SEO services design the task and perform the activity in such a way that indeed generates a longer impact as well as target customers for long.

However, taking assistance from both the platforms has its own advantages. In both the cases, high-ranking contents can instantly bring potential traffic that generate followers, increase comments and promote shares.

To make a gist, there will always be an ongoing comparison between both the platforms, about the fact which provides a better result for a business. It can be both SEO and SMM or even at times, vice versa.

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