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Unveiling the Potential of Artificial Intelligence in Empowering the Business Landscape

goigi_blog November 22, 2018 2 Comments

The world around us is evolving fast, literally at a lightning speed, starting from the simple way of using our phones to the arduous mechanism of managing a  well-established business enterprise. The marvels of technology have introduced us to a myriad of game-changing approaches and gizmos that have astonishingly transformed the course of our living. And among this league of breakthrough innovations, Artificial Intelligence has undeniably emerged as the impeccable boon for mankind.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning have revolutionized the way of business management by increasing its operational efficiency and eliminating all the mundane tasks and making the entire process simpler, faster and swifter. Moreover, AI-powered tools and automated systems have greatly helped organizations in improving the deployment of resources.

Adhering the present scenario, here we would like to throw light on how Artificial Intelligence can be deployed by the business fraternity for taking it to the next level.

Using AI-based Analytics for Better Decision Making

Refinements in storage and network technology have mainly introduced the age of big data. However, needless to say, that the collected data will prove to be quite futile without in-depth analysis. Because of its large size, it becomes almost impossible to analyze the data by using human intelligence. Thus, here lies the scope of AI algorithms and machine learning in resolving the phenomena. With the help of machine learning, you will be able to analyze and find a host of patterns in Big Data and thus, the entrepreneurs or administrative officials will be able to make data-driven decisions.

Automating the Marketing and Sales Activities

AI-based applications can be utilized in handling regular tasks by customizing the entire process of marketing and sales automation for customers. The AI-based chatbots can also aid in responding the customer service requests to plan strategies for upselling and improving customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, machine learning can equip users with price optimization for several markets by leveraging crucial data about consumer preferences, competitors, suppliers and risks associated with the process of creating pricing models for different specific market segments in an automated manner. This AI-integrated approach will help in optimizing the profit margins.

Refining the Mechanism of Supply Chain and Inventory Management

The algorithms of Machine Learning will help businesses in managing their inventory and supplies better. It will aid in automating the refilling requests and optimizing the supply chains. By deploying the futuristic AI-based applications, organizations can automate the processes of order management fulfillment. Furthermore, by infusing the dynamics of Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine Learning, developers can build applications that would further help analysts in predicting the supply chain movements.

Deploying AI for Combating Cybercrime

Businesses mostly spend a substantial amount of time and money on trying to detect any type of fraudulent transactions. However, fraud detection mostly depends on a range of pattern recognition issues. On the contrary, these tasks can be meticulously managed by implementing the use of feature-rich Machine Learning tools. Likewise, the threats or risks associated with cybersecurity can also be considered as a context of significant detecting pattern abnormalities, where AI-based applications can play a pivotal role in mitigating these intimidating issues.

By utilizing the Machine Learning techniques, companies are getting the scope of detecting better frauds in a better way. The rule-based systems can be generally linked to a number of false positives, however, by using the highly engineered Machine Learning algorithms, you will be able to minimize the extent of these false alarms.

Growing Your Business by Infusing Self-driving Technologies

The breakthrough innovations of self-driving cars are typically dependent on Artificial Intelligence. Organizations that majorly depend on transportation of products can implement the use of self-driving vehicles for improving reliability and lowering costs. Various industrial sectors including manufacturing have succeeded in making use of autonomous cars for boosting their operational efficiency. Using these trailblazing, feature-laden, powerful vehicles will surely open up a myriad of opportunities for the organizations to traverse fresh new business avenues and upgrade the existing processes.

Revolutionizing Talent Acquisition and Recruitment

Finding an eligible and qualified candidate for a specific job is time-consuming and strenuous indeed. However, with the application of avant-garde AI-based facial recognition systems that can question the candidates and judge their performance by making use of emotional cues, thereby streamlining the entire recruitment process. Leveraging on the power of recruitment automation will help in finding out the candidates who aren’t being surfaced in the first place.

Predicting the Future

Artificial Intelligence has been deployed in numerous conventional places such as intuitive workflows, personalization, product recommendations and enhanced searching. Considering the present scenario, many organizations have started diffusing AI into their go-to-market operations to take a progressive leap in predicting or understanding the future.

The Final Getaway

Starting from the arena of Software development to App development, Travel and Tourism to Retail, Accounting and Debt Collection to Banking and Finance, it will not be a stretch to infer the fact that almost every industry is successfully rendering or in the pursuit of harnessing the potential of AI. Considering the humongous prospects of it, the key objective of modern entrepreneurs has become to perceive, assimilate and deploy the same in revolutionizing the business world.

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