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Upkeep the Essence of SEO While Capitalizing on Website Redesigning

goigi_blog May 18, 2018 1 Comment

Since the past couple of decades businesses have been channelizing incredible investments towards compelling digital presence. Veterans vouch for the astounding scale of profits that digital media has fetched for them invariably, for as long as they entrusted it with the responsibility of reaching out to unforeseen quarters. But, the current juncture, defined by the hullabaloo for newer intuitive innovations, seems to summon an over haul for better margins and optimal returns.

This opens up the opportunity to articulate strategic redesign mechanisms without hurting the essence of outreach and contemporary relevance of the goose that once laid golden eggs. This calls for website redesign services without impacting the hard earned yield of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which have been instrumental in consolidating your foothold till date.

It is worthy of being mentioned, how organic search serve as potential drivers for drawing website traffic. Therefore, the subtle nuances have to be preserved beautifully in order to save the conversion graph from crashing.

A well etched detailed redesign plan thinking through the technical, operational, functional, financial as well as the creative aspects is a challenging goal and demands insightful intervention and special reflection on core elements:

Live and Let Live– Consider keeping the old site alive on a temporary web address, beyond the reach of crawlers. This supports you during a glitch faced by the site under construction. HTTP authentication is preferred instead of web archive.

Preserve the Data– Website redesign services should track performance metrics of the old site. Using screaming frog for the crawl data and Google Analytics for audience overview help an establishment set goals for the new bee to enrich business growth.

Adhere to Your Objectives– If you are focusing on garnering leads, the content and user experience needs to be in sync with the conversion path, thus leading the traffic to become potential buyers. This demands blogging, compelling content, social outreach and unique selling point that is successful in drawing traffic.

Messing around with the stability can be catastrophic- The basic tenets such as the URL structure and page name should continue to be the same. They define the identity of your business, thus, need not be meddled with.

Gracefully Redirecting– While redesigning, redirects hold immense value, if under inevitable circumstance you are compelled to alter the URL. Swearing by the 301 (permanent) redirects is way more effective and credible than 302 (temporary). In case you plan on removing certain pages from the old site, redirect it under relevant category with specific keywords, in the new site rather than leading visitors to the homepage.

Content Creation & Alterations– It is definitely ideal to compile new content for a fresh site from the SEO perspective. One has to remember that content plays an integral role in redesigning, considering its potential toi generate more links to your website, encouraging conversions.But, in case there is a time crunch and the previous content has served you well in terms of optimizing traffic.

On Page Optimization– The best option available to you is retrieving and exporting the core on page SEO elements- page titles, meta descriptions and headers from the old site. It is advisable to save them from unnecessary alterations unless your conversion and traffic suffered in the past.

Update Backlinks for Quick Indexing and Higher Ranking– Take a pick on the sites that send traffic in analytics besides best backlinks in the typical link index tools. In case you have a list, webmasters can help you update these wherever possible if you have 301 in place.

Work upon Internal Links- Review changes in case there are alterations in the internal link structure. In case you had pages that had numerous internal links before, but are hardly linked now, your rankings can suffer heavily.

 XML Sitemap Submission– Updating and submitting your sitemap in Google and Bing is an utmost essential. 301, page structure, navigation and XML sitemap should be aligned- indicating new site structure in order to help engines get accustomed to the changes.

Monitoring Rankings & Organic Traffic– It is important to monitor the fluctuations and ensure getting back to the baseline within a stipulated time. Key pages should be checked for ranking rather than delving into each keyword- which is practically improbable. Underlying pages should be saved from being recrawled.

Auditing Technical Nitty Gritties of the SiteWebsite design services commission an array of audit tools that report directly on technical glitches being faced by the new site during redesigning. They help in monitoring log files, helping professionals detect issues before they culminate into complex SEO problems.

Commissioning Google Search Console- The console is instrumental in giving promising feedback and apt diagnostic info right from Google. Search Traffic and Search Analytics is a reserve of information that encapsulates clicks, impressions, CTR and average position. In case there is an underlying issue, these can clarify the perspective.

So we can clearly infer, it is always advisable to capitalize on the myriad opportunities that redesigning opens up before you, while adhering to certain stringent code of operations focused on improving SEO and the degree of conversions.

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