Well-managed Acronis Backup Solutions

Get efficient cloud-based backup solutions for multiple servers including VPS, and Elastic Compute.

Incorporate robust cloud data protection and single point data security management into your business infrastructure with Acronis.

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The Work Process of Acronis

Acronis, as an efficient cloud-based web console, helps you to manage and secure all your data for your business. With its simple dashboard design, Acronis works in an easy and less complex manner. The steps of the workflow are as follows:

  • You have to log in to a unified cloud console. It will give you access to your data from any place on any device.
  • After logged in, you can install and deploy agents easily with just one click. The backup console is simple enough to manage this task.
  • You will find a single web-based console where you can manage the backup and customize the policies as per your requirements.

Fast and scalable management

Acronis is trusted for fast, scalable, and trustworthy backup solutions for saving and restoring files, applications, and complete systems.

Secured Data Protection

Ensure optimum security for your storage data through Acronis Backup Solution and focus on your business tasks without worrying about the safety and security of the data.

Easy-to-Use backup solution

You can easily manage the backup system of Acronis by deploying and scaling through a single intuitive web-based console.

Scalable Cloud Backup

Acronis offers a fast, personalized, cloud backup and recovery service that helps to keep your data safe, secure, and easily accessible at any time.

Easy back up to different data center locations

Acronis has a wide range of data migration centers where your data can be backed up. You can choose your preferred data center among the large section of data centers.

Trustworthy Technologies

Acronis offers you trustworthy services that include SSAE-16 certified data centers, AES-256 encryption, and 2048-bit SSL management channel encryption, and so on.

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