Brand Building on Legal Services

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Industry Overview:

The Global Legal services market was valued at $ 838.9 billion in 2022, and it is projected to grow at a CAGR of 4.5% between 2023 and 2033 & reach more than $1310 billion by 2033

Key Highlights:

The B2C legal services market was divided into size-based segments, the SME law firms segment accounted for 85.1% of the total in 2022, making it the largest segment

The B2B legal services market was divided into size-based segments, the market for major law firms accounted for the highest share (79.9%) in 2022

With a CAGR of 15.8% from 2022 to 2027, the hybrid legal services market is predicted to grow at the quickest rate among the legal services market's type-specific segments.

Over 25% of law firms reported a data breach, up 2% from the year before, according to a survey done by the American Bar Association last year

Online and offline legal services are the two segments of the market; the offline market accounted for 95.5% of the total, making it the largest category in 2022

Industry Trends:

The majority of law firms utilize AI for document review and summarization (15%), which lessens for significant amount of time that legal firms may spend on case planning and deposition preparation

AI gives legal companies of all sizes, but particularly those with tight resources & a small workforce, a competitive advantage in data analysis, client needs prediction, repetitive task automation & content repurposing

AI serve as the ultimate campaign pulse-checker, giving you the information you need to adjust and maximize your efforts in order to get the greatest outcomes

Law companies can use predictive analytics to foresee shifts in client concerns and legal demand before they arise. By taking a proactive stance, businesses are positioned to lead in meeting the needs of emerging markets

AI algorithms can be used by law firms to evaluate client data and develop personalized email marketing that cater to the unique requirements and interests of each recipient

It might entail dynamically altering the content of the website according to the user's preferences, browsing history, and past interactions with the business

1. Industry Overview

  • 1.1. Size of Legal Services market worldwide(in U.S billons)
  • 1.2. Legal Service Market share by region ,2023
  • 1.3. Key Highlights
  • 1.4. Key Global Players in the Industry

2. Market Insights(1/4)

  • 2.1. Market Forecast(in billions)
  • 2.2. Global market share by provider types,2022
  • 2.3. B2B Legal Services Global Market(in billions)2023
  • 2.4. Market Dynamics (in billions)

3. Market Insights(2/4)

  • 3.1. Devices primarily used for searching what law firm to hire
  • 3.2. Kind of Content on Law firm websites
  • 3.3. Benefits of Search Engine Optimization for Law Firms
  • 3.4. Law firms need specialized content marketing

4. Market Insights(3/4)

  • 4.1. Social Media Presence of Legal services Market, 2022
  • 4.2. Benefits of Social Media
  • 4.3. Remarketing Tactics used by law firms

5. Market Insights(4/4)

  • 5.1. Most Important factors while hiring an attorney in United States,2021
  • 5.2. Search advertising benchmarks for attorneys and legal services
  • 5.3. Average CTC & Conversion rates for attorneys and legal services ads

6. Trends(1/2)

  • 6.1. E A T for Attorneys grows in importance
  • 6.2. Omnichannel Marketing
  • 6.3. Increased use of AI that automates process
  • 6.4. AI analytics and data driven decision making

7. Trends(2/2)

  • 7.1. Tactics deployed to reach more leads
  • 7.2. Hyper Personalization
  • 7.3. Biggest Benefits of Intake Software
  • 7.4. Live Chat usagein Law firm websites

8. SEO Statistics(1/2)

  • 8.1. Why should invest in SEO
  • 8.2. Market Statistics
  • 8.3. Organic Click through rates by position (Google)

9. SEO Statistics(2/2)

  • 9.1. Google search Click through rates(Desktop)
  • 9.2. Law Firm SEO ROI and Budget allocation
  • 9.3. Law Marketing budget by specialty
  • 9.4. Keyword ranking and Search traffic volume

10. Google Ads Statistics(1/2)

  • 10.1. Google Search Engine Market Share
  • 10.2. Top searched keywords (in millions) driving traffic
  • 10.3. Market Dynamics

11. Google Ads Statistics(2/2)

  • 11.1. Benefits form Google Ads for Law firms
  • 11.2. 2023 search ads benchmark: trends
  • 11.3. Reasons to use Google Ads for Law firms
  • 11.4. Popular keywords and spending on per click for Law firms

12. Competitive Landscape(1/2)

  • 12.1. Number of law firms in the United States(in 1000’s)
  • 12.2. Law Firm Index-North America,2023
  • 12.3. Sources of Competition for small firms

13. Competitive Landscape(2/2)

  • 13.1. Strategies to gain competitive edge
  • 13.2. Law firm demand by practice category

14. Company Analysis(1/2)

  • 14.1. Key Highlights
  • 14.2. Litigation Approach
  • 14.3. Work Highlights
  • 14.4. Key Clients

15. Company Analysis(2/2)

  • 15.1. Key Facts
  • 15.2. Accolades
  • 15.3. Key Clients

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