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Outsource your non-core functions with GOIGI and unlock substantial cost savings while enhancing focus on your core competencies.

Outsourcing can provide incredible cost savings without compromising quality. Our BPO services handle your non-core functions efficiently, allowing you to focus on core business activities, innovation, and growth.

What we deliver


Business process outsourcing, or BPO, is the practice of hiring a third party to take care of specific work processes for your business. This can include things like your website content, your payroll, accounting, customer support, social media marketing, and many more. BPO is most commonly used to take care of supplemental business functions, rather than core business functions. Services can either be technical or non-technical.

Where BPOs gets so much into business?

From the youngest of startups to the largest Fortune 500 companies, businesses of all shapes and sizes outsource processes. Demand continues to grow as new services are introduced to the market and businesses are constantly looking for advantages to help them get ahead of the competition.

BPO is usually classified as either front office or back office, depending on the kind of business process it takes care of.

What does the growth of BPO services says?
Connecting tomorrow to today

The BPO sector has traditionally served as the last mile delivery vehicle for the corporate sector. The global BPO market in 2021 was USD 254.6 billion and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.0% from 2020 to 2027, riding on improved telecommunications and IT capabilities.

Functioning as a fulcrum for customer outreach and business connectivity, Business Processing and Outsourcing has positively impacted the growth and outreach of businesses worldwide, spanning across all sectors.

What does our BPO services provide for your business?
Making the most of your words

GOIGI has partnered major enterprises worldwide in cutting down business delivery costs and improving profitability through our proficient BPO services.

GOIGI has successfully incorporated cloud computing, social media networks; data science and intelligent analytics in the service delivery model to lower turnaround times and enhance business penetration for our associates Worldwide.

How your business benefits from our BPO services?
Success starts with satisfied customers

This is how our BPO services ensure maximum profitability and higher ROIs for our global clients.

System Automation: We have enabled our associates to cater to higher volumes of businesses and reduce query response times through use of automated chat bots and robotic process automation.

Cloud Storage: GOIGI has successfully reduced infrastructural costs of its clients through optimized use of cloud storage facilities, thereby reducing unnecessary wastage of space for data storage and strongly cutting down on energy consumption.

Analytics and Big Data: Through intelligent data tracking, analysis and predictive modeling GOIGI has enabled Organizations to master the art of predictive strategizing.

Platform Integration: Businesses are no longer overtly dependent upon phone calls and email leads. GOIGI has integrated all digital marketing platforms in building up a concerted effort towards lead generation and business conversion.