How we work

Domain application system integration work flow

Our IoT solutions at GOIGI unlock the potential of IoT for your business, providing a competitive edge through data-driven decision-making.

The Internet of Things is reshaping industries and enhancing efficiency. Our IoT solutions aren't just forward-thinking; they're here today, ready to help your business harness the power of connected devices and data. Discover the future of business with GOIGI.

What we deliver


A large portion of marketing dollars are wasted when the wrong offers are made to the wrong people at the wrong place and time… The IoT will generate an enormous, truly unprecedented amount of precise information about buyers and their needs. It’s a marketer’s dream come true.

How we manage about the interface of technology and user experience?

Product development across enterprises is increasingly getting focussed on improving user experience, enhancing value of service and ensuring customer delight. GOIGI helps businesses create an innovation driven ecosystem where technical solutions become applicable to real life and are not merely limited to complex codes.

Our interfaces are perfectly designed for the Real World to meet the Digital World. GOIGI’s services and product platforms are designed to harness the power of sensors and data to empower businesses with effective value addition.

Some of the challenges that we face in today’s business?

More and more businesses today are embedding their products with web-enabled smart sensors and devices which collect real time data from the environment to enhance product performance.

By 2024, more than 40 billion IoT devices are expected to be installed worldwide. The IoT devices share the collected sensor data through IoT gateways or other edge devices where data is either transmitted to the cloud for analysis or analyzed locally. Assimilation and intelligent analysis of a constant flow of Big Data is the real challenge for IoT developers across industry sectors.

What are the probable solutions that we come up to fix the challenges?

GOIGI’s extensive experience in Big Data analytics and artificial intelligence product development enables development of anomaly detection, failure prediction, route optimization, and demand forecasting as product add-ons. Our solutions work towards enhancing asset efficiency and enabling a connected world with edge computing and sensor fusion.