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Industry Overview:

The global fast food market size was $972.74 billion in 2021, it is projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.2% between the periods of 2021 to 2028 and is expected to reach 1467.04billion in 202

Fast food global market
SEO Implications:
Digital discovery equals foot traffic

By making restaurant stand out in local search results, it can attract potential consumers to physical location with the use of effective restaurant SEO methods.

Localized Visibility for footfall

For restaurants in particular, a local SEO strategy is essential because it reaches local customers looking for somewhere to eat.

Enhanced User Experience

A well-designed website that loads quickly, has easy navigation, and has relevant content makes for a happy user experience & entices people to look on offerings.

Brand Credibility

Making an impression on prospective customers by ranking highly in search results gives credibility and trust as it conveys that the establishment is reputable.

Market Insights:
Market Insights
Industry Trends:
Online Delivery Platforms

Customers can purchase their preferred food from these platforms in the comfort of their own homes, providing them with unmatched convenience though fast-food businesses pay price for this convenience as delivery platform charges substantial payments to restaurants.

Omni-Channel Ordering System

Given the growing popularity of takeout and delivery, restaurants must be able to serve their whole clientele and the ability to obtain customer information is also an added advantage.

Breakfast Breakthrough

QSR’s are seeing an increase in performance due to the importance of the breakfast period. Breakfast is being consumed out by more customers & QSRs are capitalizing on this trend.


In the fast food industry, self-ordering kiosks are among the most effective alternatives; they save businesses a lot of money by enabling customers to buy food on-the-go.

Ghost Kitchens

Ghost kitchens or virtual kitchens operate exclusively for delivery without a traditional dine-in space and are designed to optimize the preparation and dispatch of food orders.

Online Food Delivery Models:
Online Food Delivery Models
Pizza Industry Trends:
Ghost Kitchens

Many pizza businesses are switching to a ghost kitchen model, which offers online pizza delivery with few brick and mortar facilities, as the demand for food delivery keeps rising.

Mobile Pizzeria’s

Pizza trucks and mobile pizzerias are growing in popularity because they let businesses go where the customers are, whether it's to festivals or busy pedestrian areas.

Vegan and Vegetarian options

Pizzerias are adding vegan and vegetarian options to their menus, along with plant-based cheeses and meat substitutes, as more customers choose plant-based diets.

Gluten free options

Pizza crusts without gluten and other allergy-friendly choices are becoming more and more popular as a result of the demand for more inclusive eating experiences.

Personalization and Customization

More than ever, customers want to be able to personalize their pizzas. Brands that offer a variety of topping options and custom orders will be more successful.

1. Industry Overview

  • 1.1. Market size of Quick service restaurant industry( in billions)
  • 1.2. Fast Food market share by region, 2021(%)

2. Market Insights(1/2)

  • 2.1. Global Market Size(In billion)
  • 2.2. Global Fast Food Market by product type,2023
  • 2.3. Fast Food Market by end users ,2023
  • 2.4. Key Highlights

3. Market Insights(2/2)

  • 3.1. GENZ’S restaurant visit frequency by category,2022
  • 3.2. Type of place to eat outside for a meal(Millennials vs GenZ)

4. Industry Business Models

  • 4.1. Food Truck Model
  • 4.2. Ghost/ Virtual Kitchen Model
  • 4.3. Franchise Model
  • 4.4. Brick and Mortar Retail Model
  • 4.5. Kiosk Model
  • 4.6. Rented Shared Commercial Kitchen

5. Online Food Delivery Models

  • 5.1. The Order Only Model
  • 5.2. The Order and Delivery Model
  • 5.3. Cloud Kitchen Model

6. Fast Food Industry- Trends

  • 6.1. Key Industry Trends
  • 6.2. Eating frequency of adults in united states by restaurant type
  • 6.3. Sustainability Trends
  • 6.4. U.S states with the least fast food restaurants per capita

7. Fast Food Industry- Consumers Insights

  • 7.1. U.S Fast Food Segment by market share
  • 7.2. How Consumer Choose a Fast Food Restaurant?
  • 7.3. Reasons for choosing fast food

8. Fast Food Industry- Opportunities and Challenges

  • 8.1. Opportunities
  • 8.2. Risks in the Fast Food Industry
  • 8.3. Key Challenges
  • 8.4. Risk Mitigation Strategies

9. Fast Food Industry-Pizza Category(1/2)

  • 9.1. Growth rate of pizza industry worldwide between 2022 and 2023,by region
  • 9.2. Top Pizza Industry Trends
  • 9.3. Key Market Insights
  • 9.4. Specialty Dietary Pizza options

10. Fast Food Industry- Pizza Category(2/2)

  • 10.1. Pizza Restaurant sales in the united states from 2017 to 2022(in billion)
  • 10.2. Consumer Spending in the Quick Service Pizza restaurants in the US(in billions)
  • 10.3. Market Drivers
  • 10.4. Key Pizza Delivery Statistics

11. Fast Food Industry- SEO

  • 11.1. Google Search CTR’s
  • 11.2. SEO implications in the fast food industry
  • 11.3. Key Statistics in the industry
  • 11.4. Popular search keywords

12. Fast Food Industry- Google Ads

  • 12.1. Google Ads implications on the industry
  • 12.2. Search ads vs Display ads for Fast food businesses
  • 12.3. Google AdWords Keywords with search volume(in millions)
  • 12.4. Search Advertising benchmarks, 2022

13. Fast Food Industry- Social Media Ads

  • 13.1. Promotions on Social Media Platforms
  • 13.2. Type of ads on social media
  • 13.3. Social Media Engagement leverages Fast food business
  • 13.4. Web Traffic of online food delivery operators in U.S by January 2024(in millions)
  • 13.5. Market Statistics

14. Fast Food Industry- Competitive Benchmarking

  • 14.1. Company Name
  • 14.2. Products & Offerings
  • 14.3. Target Audience
  • 14.4. Revenue(In Billions)

15. Fast Food Industry- Company Analysis (1/3)

  • 15.1. Revenue of McDonalds Worldwide (in millions)
  • 15.2. Traffic rate by source towards McDonald’s
  • 15.3. Pillars of Growth Strategy
  • 15.4. Key Insights
  • 15.5. Key Highlights

16. Fast Food Industry- Company Analysis (2/3)

  • 16.1. Revenue of Dominos Pizza worldwide by segment(in billions)
  • 16.2. Orders by Category
  • 16.3. Core Strengths of the business
  • 16.4. Key Insights
  • 16.5. Key Highlights

17. Fast Food Industry- Company Analysis (3/3)

  • 17.1. Revenue Distribution of Starbucks by Product type
  • 17.2. Countries with largest number of starbucks store
  • 17.3. Strategic Reinvention for success
  • 17.4. Key Insights
  • 17.5. Key Highlights

18. Fast Food Industry

19. Fast Food Industry- SWOT Analysis

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