Game Development

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Who are we ?

We are an independent game developer. We have a passionate team of trained developers, who spend their valuable time for preparing different types of games. We have been successful in developing different types of games for different operating systems like Android, iOS, etc. We are known to be a full-service game developer, who take care of your every requirement related to the design as well as development of the games. Our customers appreciate us as we complete and deliver your project at the proposed point of time.

Why do you need to choose us ?

We provide the best service related to game development. Our developers are helpful in providing complete end-to-end game developing solutions by taking care of your IP across its lifetime. We have the best team of experienced developers, who provides the following services to you.

Our Game development services include the following:

Art direction that starts from the scratch level to the final product

Creating image of the situation, actual realization as well as scripting procedures

Using unity and Flash development in different ways to provide the games the ultimate market flexibility

On time service that meets your budget as well as the deadline

Use of the most modern and specific tools that prepares the most sophisticated game

Game hosting that starts from design to daily operation

Social retention programs that help the players to visit again and again

Our Game Development Process :

Game development is not a simple process. It happens in several steps. Following are the steps that we follow while developing the games.

Initial Planning : Planning is the first stage of the project. In this phase, the key concepts are determined. This helps in developing a strategic game portfolio. Overall marketing discussions also happen in this phase to determine the fact in which way the games can be used to extend the brand of the client.

Technical Review : The engineering team is present to review the documents that are provided by the clients. This will resolve the queries between them and help to create a clear cut image of what the client wants.

Theme & Concept Art : The themes, names, concept art as well as the descriptions are submitted for consideration as well as approval. We then work to determine the portfolio development priorities that help to set expectations for the game delivery.

Art & Creative Design : The Game design department helps to determine and create unique models that represent the objectives of the client. It is a vital step and based on this, the process of integration is carried out.

Integration : Once the client approves the game, the engineering team integrates the game to the most suitable provider platform. The process is not simple as it involves certain documentation from the part of the client. The quality of the product is highly reviewed by the team.

Delivery : It is the final stage, when the game is delivered to you. We thank you for your cooperation that helped us to develop the game as per your choice. Wishing you all the best, we also greet you to visit us again.

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Our Process

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