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Take your data and present it in an easy to view format, allowing you to make sense of your data from anywhere in the world at anytime.

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Process Discovery

Disaster-resilient business systems and increased flexibility rely on digital technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA). 


Reaching out to customers and being reachable by them. Being an Automation & AI Service Provider, we extend customer service via new channels and tools, such as attended chatbots.

Insights and analytics

Our experts focus on increasing operational "hygiene" in businesses by scrubbing existing processes and systems for duplication, conflicts, and value leaks using tools such as process discovery.

Why Choose Us?

GOIGI is the Professional AI and Robotic Automation Provider Company that offers reliable AI-based solutions that are tailored according to the business need. We offer services including automated reporting, campaign management, and more. Our Customer-Centric approach pervades our entire organization, ensuring that agile delivery models are flawlessly implemented. Our team ensures that your company is operating at peak efficiency.

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Streamlined Project Management

Our team works with you to identify potential risks and troubleshoot them before they become real issues.

A Dedicated Team of Experts

We are one of the Best Automation & AI service providers with a dedicated team to work with you until the project is completed successfully.

Completion of Project on Given Time

Being the best Automation & AI Service Provider, our team focuses on automation processes and ensures prompt task completion within the established deadlines.

Hire the Best AI and Robotic Automation Provider

Being the Best Automation & AI Provider, we focus on supporting you in the development of your digital automation processes.


What are the focus areas of Automation AI?

Automation Al has been helping businesses automate their tasks and achieve their goals with no disruption to their business process. Automation Al also specializes in automation in different areas. However, the main focus is on 2 areas:

  • 1. Operations Automation: We help organizations automate their operational functions to live up to their customer service promise.
  • 2. Business Automation:  We help organizations automate their business operations through the effective use of technology ensuring automation does not affect business processes.

What are the features of Automation AI?

Automation Al offers you powerful features such as workflows, approvals, templates, triggers, and an intuitive interface. These features facilitate the design of your organization's digital automation processes. This makes it possible to automatically carry out individual tasks and handover documents within standard workflows – even when relevant parties are not available to respond. The results: better customer service, improved customer satisfaction, fewer errors, and improved productivity – thanks to less unnecessary duplication of effort.

Why you should consider Automation AI for your business?

Automation Al is a highly intuitive software platform that accompanies your teams through their entire workflow and improves the way you work. Automation Al is highly intuitive, supporting you in the development of your digital automation processes. You can set up your organization's automated processes in no time at all – we even offer training courses for your team. Automation Al enables you to respond quickly and flexibly to changing market conditions, without jeopardizing your customer service.