Social media marketing

The Growth of Social Media amidst Covid-19

Social media has always been a broad and popular way of connecting with people. Now amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it plays an important role both as a medium to spread information and a way to grow business prospects. Businesses are using social media platforms largely to promote their brands among the people. All of a sudden, the outbreak of Covid-19 has changed our lives drastically. Consequently, to ensure safety from the invisible threat and implement proper healthcare service to the people, governmental bodies and public welfare authorities are taking several decisions. Lockdown and work-from-home are some of those major changes we bear in recent days. Due to this lockdown method and other restrictions, people are staying at home mostly and are spending more time on social media. Business owners and social media marketers are using this time as an opportunity to reach the maximum number of people online. Online sharing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest help a lot in this matter.

Social media growth during the pandemic is bringing a new shift of paradigm in the business industry. The style and nature of marketing are also going through changes. SMO services and SMM services are often used to enhance the online presence of businesses. Being parts of digital marketing, these services are effectively used in showcasing and marketing the products and the services offered by the businesses online. Digital marketing has already been in use for the last few years. Unlike traditional marketing, it focuses on a large number of target audiences and aims at driving potential customers from them. Amidst the pandemic situation, from music concerts to religious gatherings, everything is going digital. In this scenario, for promoting their brands and products, businesses are more dependent upon digital marketing services like social media marketing. With innovative strategies and technologically advanced digital solutions, such services are promoting businesses and companies at an online platform.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is an online marketing strategy that helps to grow the online presence of any company. Alongside this, SMO helps to boost followers, engagement, and traffic in the social media pages. It is mainly used to optimize the social media handles of a company to gain maximum results. The term SMO is closely associated with social media marketing (SMM). SMM, with engaging content and attractive ads, markets and sells the products of the companies. In recent days, these services are more in use. Due to the restrictions and safety measures during the pandemic, reaching out to people has become problematic. Social media marketing, therefore, is a very effective solution to this problem. Through social media, marketers can get in touch with people and make them aware of the updates regarding any business. Maintaining social distance is important now. So, press conferences or any kind of large gathering is strictly prohibited. When the physical gathering is restricted virtual connection rescues. Through online sharing platforms, the businesses can share the news of the launch of new products; enhance the brand value of a business; spread any kind of information about the business. Thus, social media has flourished largely amidst the pandemic and the recent social media growth is helping the businesses-small and large, to develop and expand largely.