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Why You Should Outsource Your Digital Marketing

Outsourcing is no longer a taboo and it is in fact considered as an intelligent business practice. Outsourcing allows you to get the best of resources with the most minimum investment. We go to a doctor if we are ill or refer an auditor for our tax books and a lawyer for the legal tangles. There happens to be a specialist for each and every job and you cannot possibly have every specialist on your rolls. Outsourcing your marketing will bring your business a host of benefits in terms of both effectiveness and professionalism.

Marketing in the digital era is too complex a domain to be handled by a single person. Before the Digital era, marketing was simply about throwing up your cash at the right time at the right place. Bigger the cash splurged, better and all encompassing was the visibility it guaranteed. It did not entail any strategic thinking or brand positioning and simply entailed a one way expenditure, while praying for the best results. In today's digital era, viewership is much fragmented and with user's perennially on the go, it's tougher to capture their attention, imagination and motivate conversions. Digital Marketing today requires an understanding of user sentiments, social media outreach algorithms coupled with appealing and out-of-the-box ad copies.

Below we list out 5 top reasons why you should be now seriously considering about outsourcing your marketing:

1. To create a digital marketing presence in this day and age, you need copywriters, graphic designers, computer programmers, project managers, social media experts, media buying experts, strategies and automated marketing software. It is impossible for any one person to do all this. Marketing outsourced to an external agency simply leaves you with the decision of how much to spend on your marketing while its scale and implementation gets smoothly worked out by the external agency.

2. Digital Marketing comes with software employed right from copywriting to determining SEO practices and keyword research and implementation, market research and analytics along with AI assisted predictive modeling of marketing strategies. More often than not a combination of such software costs more than $1000 per month. Coupled with experienced analysts the figures may turn astronomical for your business if employed separately. Outsourcing is definitely a cheaper and effective way out.

3. Time is money and establishing an in-house Digital marketing team takes a long toll as the team learns with experience mostly through trials and errors. There is no sure fit formula for success in social media marketing ads and only with experience comes the finesse of reading the social mood, deciphering the social discussions. Social media these days is no more the added appendage to marketing efforts, but lies at the heart and soul of brand creation, promotion and image building. It's a 24/7 effort and businesses can't simply take the pedal off the gas. It's a marketing powerhouse and there are over 7 prominent social media channels that can give high ROIs depending on the business type.

4. Reporting and analysis of Marketing feedback is again a job of specialists and you as a businessman may not be aware of social media matrix, parameter and jargons. Is your Marketing Manager going to tell you the truth on statistics if they are under performing? In our experience, it is too late to determine if the marketing person is not performing until the damage has been done. With outsourced agencies, everything is quantifiable; complex algorithms track the ins and outs of the consumer who is using your site. Simple explanations and easy to comprehend figures will guide you through the marketing reports.

5. Outsourcing of Marketing efforts helps to fill up the knowledge gap in the marketing division and ally it with the inputs and projections for the company. The best part is that you can always fire a company if the things are not as expected and look for a much better and experienced team with a proven track record if your first venture is not up to the mark. With an in-house team you are stuck with mediocrity and uncertainty which is not easy to overcome.