Healthcare Industry

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Industry Overview:

Healthcare sector is now focused on integrated health via a whole-patient approach and understanding of social determinants of health with big tech play in health ecosystem

The intrinsic demand for healthcare services continue to rise globally given population aging, rising rates of chronic illness, and people's desire for a higher standard of living

The size of the global Healthcare market is anticipated to increase from $10.3 trillion in 2021 to $21.06 trillion by 2027 at a CAGR of 8.6% during 2021-2030

Health spending in the US increased by 2.7% in 2021 to $4.3 trillion; pricing, payment systems and their regulatory framework are powerful tools to drive broader health system goals

Healthcare global market size chart
Risk in the Industry:
Cyber Risks

The generation of enormous volumes of PHI and electronic health information makes the healthcare industry a prime target for all types of hackers; selling this data can bring in enormous earnings for attackers, as a single medical record can fetch up to $250 on the illicit market.

Healthcare Associated Infections

According to the Centers for Disease Control (HAI), healthcare-associated infection affects 1 in 31 hospital patients and every year, HAIs cost hospitals $28.4 billion.


Telemedicine also presents a number of concerns to healthcare institutions, it may give rise to accusations of negligence, particularly in cases when healthcare personnel are not properly qualified or do not possess the necessary expertise

Emergency Preparedness & Patient safety

Disasters such as pandemics can happen at any time; healthcare institutions that are unprepared for such occurrences are unable to provide for the needs of patients or shield employees from accidents, illnesses, burnout & mental health issues.

Health insurance price chart
Demand Drivers:
New Approaches and Treatments

Foundation of personalized medicine is a patient's distinct genetic composition; personalized pharmaceuticals made up barely 5% of new drugs approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in 2005, despite the country being a large market for medical services. In 2022, this percentage rose to 34%.

Emergence of Telemedicine

The advent of telemedicine has revolutionized healthcare by offering easily accessible & convenient treatments and expansion of telemedicine in India are being propelled by government efforts like as e-health, in conjunction with tax perks and incentives.

Shifting Disease Burden

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) comprise 50% of the illness burden and 60% of all fatalities in India, placing a heavy load on the healthcare system. Notwithstanding, encouraging advancements and endeavors have been made with intention of tackling them.

Health and wellness chart
SWOT Analysis of Healthcare Industry:

Technological Advancements: Integration of technology has improved diagnostics, treatment, and patient care.

Research and Innovation: Constant advancements in medical research and development.

Skilled Workforce: Highly trained and specialized healthcare professionals.


High Costs: Healthcare can be expensive, limiting accessibility for some individuals.

Bureaucracy and Regulation: Stringent regulations and bureaucratic hurdles can slow down innovation and increase operational costs.

Fragmentation: Lack of a standardized system can result in fragmented healthcare delivery.


Telemedicine: Expanding telehealth services to reach remote or underserved areas.

Global Collaboration: Collaborative efforts among countries can lead to better disease control and management.

Preventive Healthcare: Focus on preventive measures and wellness programs.


Telemedicine: Expanding telehealth services to reach remote or underserved areas.

Global Collaboration: Collaborative efforts among countries can lead to better disease control and management.

Preventive Healthcare: Focus on preventive measures and wellness programs.

1. Industry Overview

  • 1.1. Industry Dynamics
  • 1.2. Revenue of Pharmaceutical Market-Global(In Bn)
  • 1.3. Revenue of Hospital Market-Global(In Bn)

2. Industry Market Size

  • 2.2. Healthcare Market Size(In Trillion)-Global
  • 2.3. Global Healthcare Spending(In Billion)
  • 2.4. Indicative Healthcare Segment Margins

3. Healthcare Industry-Key Segments

  • 3.1. Healthcare Providers
  • 3.2. Healthcare Financers
  • 3.3. Life Sciences

4. Healthcare Industry- Functional Segmentation

  • 4.1. Healthcare
  • 4.1.1. Hospitals
  • 4.1.2. Pharmaceuticals
  • 4.1.3. Diagnostics
  • 4.1.4. Medical Equipment & Supplies
  • 4.1.5. Insurance
  • 4.1.6. Telemedicine

5. Healthcare Industry- Value Chain Analysis

  • 5.1. Management & Administration
  • 5.2. Healthcare Professionals
  • 5.3. Medical Research
  • 5.4. Medical Supplies and Equipment Procurement

6. Healthcare Industry- Opportunities & Implications

  • 6.1. Opportunities & Implications

7. Healthcare Industry -Risks and Mitigation Strategies

  • 7.1. Risks in the Industry
  • 7.2. Mitigation Strategies

8. Healthcare Industry- Trends

  • 8.1. Technological Trends
  • 8.2. Mega Trends
  • 8.3. Sustainable Trends

9. Healthcare Industry- Demand Drivers

  • 9.1. Demand Drivers
  • 9.2. Priorities for driving growth in digital health and wellness worldwide,2021

10. Healthcare Industry- Price Analysis

  • 10.1. Pricing Strategies in the Industry
  • 10.2. Pivotal Issues for the Industry
  • 10.3. Pricing components in the Industry
  • 10.4. Annual Heath Insurance Price Inflation Rate in U.S

11. Healthcare Industry- Cost Analysis

  • 11.1. Supply- Demand model of Industry
  • 11.2. Annual Healthcare Cost for an average person(in U.S Dollars) ,2023

12. Healthcare Industry- Recent Updates

  • 12.1. Emerging Advancements in the Industry
  • 12.2. Medical costs worldwide trends from 2021 with forecast of 2023

13. Healthcare Industry- Competitive Benchmarking

  • 13.1. Company Name
  • 13.2. Products & Services
  • 13.3. Clientele
  • 13.4. Revenue(In Billions)
  • 13.5. News Room

14. Healthcare Industry- Company Analysis(1/2)

  • 14.1. Key Highlights
  • 14.2. R&D Priorities and Strategy
  • 14.3. Primary Care
  • 14.4. Secondary Care
  • 14.5. Revenue by Geography(in %)
  • 14.6. Awards & Accolades

15. Healthcare Industry- Company Analysis(2/2)

  • 15.1. Key Highlights
  • 15.2. Strategic Focus Areas
  • 15.3. Omnichannel Healthcare Platform in India
  • 15.4. Market Cap in Billions
  • 15.5. Awards & Accolades

16. Healthcare Industry- SWOT Analysis

  • 16.1. Strength
  • 16.2. Weakness
  • 16.3. Opportunity
  • 16.4. Threat

17. Healthcare Industry- Porters Five Forces Analysis

18. Healthcare Industry- Company Segmentation

  • 18.1. Tier 1
  • 18.2. Tier 2
  • 18.3. Tier 3
  • 18.4. Regional(WB)

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