How we work

Our SAP expertise ensures your systems operate at peak efficiency, safeguarding your revenue and productivity.

SAP systems are the backbone of many businesses. Our services optimize SAP applications, enhance their functionality, and ensure they align with your business goals.

What we deliver


SAP is one of the most widely used enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools globally. This kind of software allows for the total optimization of business operations. For large companies, its use is practically mandatory, as it is the only way to maintain real control over internal processes.

How do we use SAP to benefit your business?

Global Businesses are undergoing a significant transformation towards an automated service management system. There is high investment towards development of technology with minimum human interface management of ERP, Database, CRM and Customer Services. GOIGI’s global experts leverage the power of SAP towards creating intelligent enterprises and delivering innovative IT solutions to our clients for optimized performance and a much improved consumer experience.

Traditional Data Management Vs SAP Consultant

Traditional Data Management systems are handicapped by the lack in flexibility and scalability. The traditional ERP systems fail on counts of providing accurate insights on consumer preferences, business opportunities or operational efficiencies.

Our SAP consultants help companies upgrade their digital platform and work towards building a responsive business model with SAP S/4HANA. The importance and outreach of SAP is underlined by the fact that, 77% of all global transactions come in contact with SAP. GOIGI aids companies overcome the hurdles of lack of expertise and experience in implementation of SAP projects.

What we offer for your business?

GOIGI's services for SAP S/4HANA aids your business migration to empowered business suites; ERP, Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) and supply chain management (SCM)—to the latest SAP HANA platform.

We offer:

  • AP HANA proofs of concept (Pock) and product demos
  • Migration recommendations and implementation services
  • TCS SAP S/4HANA Transformer Suite

Increase customer satisfaction, improve business agility, drive innovation and reduce technology costs with our futuristic goal oriented solutions.

What are the benefits that you find for SAP as your business partner?

SAP makes the management of different business processes easier and optimizes them.

For instance, you can:

  • Control finances and tax payments
  • Monitor costs
  • Use it as a human resource management tool
  • Plan tasks
  • Carry out product quality control
  • Create reports
  • Analyze business performance
  • Manage sale
  • Track the production of items
What does SAP provides to your business?
  • The SAP system can be used by all companies, from large businesses and multinationals to smaller retailers.
  • Increased productivity due to automation, monitoring, and offers more control over all departments and actions. This means that less time and resources need to be invested in processes.
  • The decision-making process is supported by measurable and real-time data. This accelerates the process of doing forecasts and analyses.
  • The automation and traceability across the business makes SAP a tool that drives cost efficiency in the long run.
  • Increased security of internal information. SAP has specific solutions for online stores regarding GDPR. This is a great competitive advantage and a way to solve the treatment & storage of customer data & business information.
  • Better collaboration and communication between departments. For instance, you can use the SAP system to gain control over all processes and avoid repeating unnecessary tasks or duplicating information across several platforms. This also ensures business transparency.
  • Reliable customer service. Not only will the company experience the benefits of using an SAP ERP system, but customers can also benefit from it. Once a business has all customer information centralized and organized, sales, marketing, and support employees can focus on building customer loyalty through personalized communications and campaigns.