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Why do we get runtime errors in PHP in connection with various commands?

Why do we get confused by these commands in PHP strlen(), rand(), isset(), exit(), mysql_fetch_array () and mysql_fetch_assoc().Why do we get runtime errors in PHP in connection with various commands? Starting with strlen() function, it is used to find the length of a string provided, and rand () is used to generate random numbers. If […]

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The Basic Difference Between The Two Execution Queries Associated With PHP

Out of many important execution queries associated with PHP the one we would like to discuss and answer is here. What is the basic difference in the execution of MOVE _UPLOAD _FILE and COPY OF A FILE while uploading file and why do we use “enctype” attribute in a html form? To understand and answer […]

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Role Of The PHP In The Process Of Web Development

Even though there has been a sporadic change in the IT service provider companies but on an average the growth has always been positive. The credit for this positive surge clearly goes to the booming software development sector for providing the state of the art services to their clients. The software development sector over the […]

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How To Change Password In The PHP Scripts For Mysql

PHP is a server-side scripting dialect intended for web advancement additionally utilized as a universally useful programming dialect. As of January 2013, PHP was introduced on more than 240 million sites (39% of those examined) and 2.1 million web servers. Originally made by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994, the reference usage of PHP (controlled by the […]

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How to Write Mysql Scripts With PHP And PDO

This is completely an era of technological rivalry and the more you enhance the skills of your site the more adorable it will become to the users. No one nowadays loves to suffer from lack of prominence in their business accomplishments. There are several trendy methods to uplift the performance of your site and make […]

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Tips for Choosing a Good Web Development Company

Today’s web world is infested with mongers who are crazy after acquiring a secure position on web. For this we need a perfect web development company which will be fulfilling all our business needs. An appealing site gets the consideration of the clients effectively. For the most part, specialists attempt to discover assistance from rumored […]

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